K7QO's Code Course Version 2.1

This is Chuck Adam's code course. Please download the zipped ISO file
(right click and save), unzip it, then use any CD burner software on
your computer to create the CD from the .iso file. The filesize is
of the k7qo.iso.zip file is 350,578,272 Bytes.

To make sure that you have downloaded the file without errors, here
are the checksums:
MD5  (k7qo.iso.zip) = a04af2e537ab720a2848934ce8742b1f
SHA1 (k7qo.iso.zip) = 1fe2c3c4525586fc3e6deaa730e31ffba675d1f3

Please refer to Chuck's K7QO.net web site for more information about
this code course.

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